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April 30th, 2013, 10:23 PM
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This is my third delivery in a third different city/state, so this hospital is new to me. But, I just had two friends deliver at the same place in the last two weeks, so they have told me a few things including to bring your own hairdryer and that the towells are really thin and tiny. Each hospital I've been at has provided some assortment of personal care products for mom - all have had the mesh undies which I love, giant pads which I hate, peri bottles, tucks, basic toilotries. I know this hospital doesn't provide dermoplast which I really like, so I'll bring my own.

Strange that so many hospitals only provide size 1 diapers, or no wipes! I have big babies, and even they would be swimming in size 1 for the first week or so. I've never thought about bringing diapers, and usually count on bringing at least one or two packs home from the hospital.

If you are interested in a natural birth, I'd be really clear on what your hospital will or won't allow. And confirm with other moms who have delivered there - I've heard plenty of stories where something may be "allowed" but it's like swimming up stream to actually get it to happen. Things like, will they allow you to labor without an IV? Do they require continuous monitoring, or can you just get a check periodically? Can you labor/birth in positions other than in bed? What specifically do they do with the baby right after birth and in the first hour or two?

I'm excited about a lot of the policies at the hospital I'm delivering at, but I just found out that if you arrive between 10 pm and 6 am, you have to go to L&D triage through the ER. I hear that this usually is pretty quick and it's just to keep the hospital secure, but I've also heard some stories of it taking an hour to get through the ER which would not be fun in the midst of labor! And to get into the ER, you have to have your bags checked and go through a metal detector at security (it's a major trauma center in a decent sized city). I can't really change those things, but I'm really hoping to avoid arriving at midnight on a Saturday night and I'm glad to know in advance so I'm not surprised when I arrive.
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