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April 30th, 2013, 10:43 PM
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So Yesterday I had my Ob appt and we rediscussed delivery. I shared with her my concerns about having another c-section and the fact that my husband would like to have at least one more after this one. She said that it was completely up to me if i wanted to try for another one as long as I understood the risk. I then told her I looked into the hospital ploicy and it states that if I am present with cervix dialation of 4 or less AND my water has not broke, prep for c-section if two or more prior.... HOWEVER If I am effaced and dialated beyond 4 and my membranes are not intact I am to recieve a epidural just in case labor does not progress and a c-section is deemed necessary.SHE THEN said talk to the peri about a VBAC.

So today at my peri appt I asked AGAIN about the VBAC and she said they will push my scheduled c-section to Aug 13 (39 weeks). If I have had the baby by then, they will be taking the baby via c-section but she will push it back to allow for natural labor to begin at least :-)!

Sooo, I am keeping fingers crossed for my first vaginal delivery!!!!!

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