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April 30th, 2013, 11:14 PM
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Hi all. Just wanted to see if neone out there is going thru ir has been thru this.
I believe (bcoz i did an ovulation test) that i ovulated on the 20h april.
Since then these are my symptoms HUNGRY!!!!! Extremely fatigued, achy body,
Small niggling headaches, aches in my inner groin, abdominal pains, short pains just inside vagina,
Nausea on n off, couple of dizzy spells, lower back ache, flu symptoms, hot n cold flushes, peeing a lot more,
N did i mention HUNGRY!!! I believe i am bout 11dpo n did a test this morn but not sure if there was a second line
It was more of a shadow! Wat do u all think? Any advice is welcomed.. Thnx
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