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April 30th, 2013, 11:50 PM
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Take a shower? Never. LOL, don't worry, I bathe! I take baths, usually 3x a week.
Get a hair cut? Every 3-4 months
Wash your sheets? Once a month, or more often if needed
Shave your legs? at least twice a week
Bake goodies? several times a month
Read a book? almost never... I love to read, but have switched to magazines since having kids.
Exercise? I consider taking care of two boys my exercise! We walk almost daily.
DTD? We aim for once a week, but sometimes it ends up being every other week, and occasionally longer than that.
See your friends? My very best friends, rarely since we're spread out around the country. I have lots of acquaintances who I see on a regular basis.
Vacuum your carpets? The goal is once a week. Realistically, it often ends up being a few times a month.
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