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May 1st, 2013, 12:25 AM
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I need answers for someone please! I JUST STARTED BACK TTC bcus I gave up after 12 months.but I desperatly want a child and I am kicking 30 in the shin. So....Here is my question
Sat was really wet (wasn't arousal either) I honestly believe it was wcm but couldn't check as I was at the park allll day with open stalls in the restroom, but that night I checked and noticed that I had a lot of wcm. We BD's Sat nite, and Sunday morning. Sunday I checked and SHOW also had EWCM (Yes I can tell the difference between me and HIS). Monday EWCM and WCM. Well here it is Tuesday and still SHOW on cervix placement... opk says positive...but its slightly lighter than the control line. (First time opk'ing this cycle) So.... when do I ovulate? Today? Tonight? Tomorrow? Do I ovulate when the opk test FIRST READS negitive or does it slowly fade away? I BD'D THIS MORNING...Did I cheat myself or if I didn't when should I BD again?ullhair :headwall
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