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May 1st, 2013, 07:50 AM
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Trying anything new this month?

DTD every second day of the whole cycle. Increased DH's zinc and B vitamins, also had him start a C in conjunctions with the zinc.

I've increased EPO and started drinking 3 red raspberry leaf tea per day. I am also taking SI this cycle to see if I can bring about a more normal period. I have read about 50/50 on SI increasing uterine lining and 50/50 on it decreasing uterine lining. I'd do anything to see a normal AF this cycle. I'm on CD 4. AF this month was spotting day one, I used one tampon day two, and spotted day three. I'm going to update my TTC #1 journal hopefully this evening with the story of my once normal AF.

I know it's only cycle number two but this AF thing has me kinda worried.

Favorite thing about summer:

EVERYTHING. We are still in spring phase here. We've had ok weather for about a week now and I LOVE it. DH has plowed me up a nice little garden, I've started my first ever flower beds, and I've been walking with the dogs every day!

We don't have a barbecue but I'd love to get one and have some burgers on the grill! Bring on the even hotter weather!
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