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May 1st, 2013, 08:15 AM
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i labored in the water but I had been going at it for so long before I finally got in the tub that everyone was EXHAUSTED and all passed out (besides the midwife). At first it was amazing, I was finally left alone and able to actually relax and it was that that helped me finally go into transition, just as the contrax were getting strong and close enough to do something the water got cold and I wasn't in a place mentally to speak up. It didn't occur to me that they could just warm the water up, I wanted out so I ended up delivering on the bed.
This time around I fully intend to do a water birth and have a doula who's main job will be to make sure my water stays warm and I am drinking or snacking on something.

As far as hospital births; this may go without saying, but if you have an epidural they wont let you labor in the tub.. It may be super obvious but I didn't know that until recently.
I have heard that delivering in the water helps ease the ring of fire by so much.. That would be cool
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