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May 1st, 2013, 12:20 PM
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Lol. totally agreed. i get soo mad when i see people with kids who shouldnt be mothers. i know i shouldnt be saying that, and im sorry. but i know people in real life who are the worst mothers in the world. one girl i know has 8 kids and leaves them with anyone to be out with guys and it trying to get pregnant again by her "new boyfriend" which im sure will happen soon. while im over here with a good husband a good job and having problems trying to concieve my first child. sometimes i feel like its never going to happen. i tell myself i will be ok if it doesnt, but who am i kidding. then theres that guilt for my DH. he has no kids as well and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. but how could i put someone else thru that. i mean if i cant bare childern i should suffer alone. i know he really wants a baby. but what if i cant give it to him. i already feel less of a women because i am the only person in my family with no childern and its a knife stabbing me everytime someone asks when am i going to have a baby.. if only it was that easy.
sorry. i really go off topic. but needed to vent.
This month i did everything right. unlike before. i studies my cm and did the BD ALOT o. my fertile days and when i noticed ewcm. I am 3 dpo but for some reason i just dont feel it like times before. times before i would just do the bd whenever and for sum reason think im pg. and period would be a day or two late i would be super happy and go buy a hpt. but i swear the minute i did the test AF would come. like haha you thought!! this time my chances are soo much higher, but im just like bleh about it. i dont know whats wrong with me.
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