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May 1st, 2013, 01:39 PM
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SaD and confused. Just got off phone with a midwife. I had my progesterone levels draw yesterday at cd21,7dpo and they were a 14.5. She said that she likes them above a 15 but anything over 10 is usually accepted as normal. She said if they were like a 20 she would suspect pregnancy but not really 14.5 although I still could be. I have a history of low progesterone. I had my levels taken by my Ob, on cd21 with my second pregnancy (now seeing someone different) and she called back and just said levels were normal. Later she went on to tell me she though I was pregnant but I never found out why. I assume it had to do with my levels.

This midwife didn't seem to happy with 14.5. With my first dd at 5 weeks it was 3.5 and was a miracle she made t! With my second dd at 5 weeks it was a 12 and Ob was fine with it and then it dropped to a 9. Here I am now 7dpo with a 14.5 which I think has been my highest ever (though again not sure what my levels were with dd2 on cd21) and my hopes are down.

Someone make sense of this. Is this indicative of a non-preg cycle?

Also I read that progesterone levels cAn drop after u eat so it should be done in am BeFore. Is this true! Dh did my blood and he is not an Ob and I had just eaten.
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