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May 1st, 2013, 02:46 PM
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Does your family eat breakfast? If so, what's the usual? They eat whatever they want when they get up. Unless I cook breakfast, in which case they eat whatever I cooked when they get up, lol. There isn't really a usual around here.

Do you think your family eats healthier than those who are rushing off to school/work each morning? Not really. Breakfast has pretty much always been the same around here. Having to go to work or school, wouldn't prevent someone from eating healthy. Being unwilling to, would.

Do you usually cook from scratch (meats, veggies, etc.), cook from pre-packaged foods (hamburger helper, frozen pizza), or order out? Primarily I cook from scratch. Rarely ever take out(like couple times a year, tops). Some pre-packaged too, depending on what it is.
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