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May 1st, 2013, 04:02 PM
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20 facts about Philip: (sorry it's a day late!)

1) He was 19in long and weighed 6lb 15oz at birth.

2) He's the smallest of all my sons.

3) I had a miscarriage before I got pregnant with him and thought I couldn't have any more children.

4) He has HUGE feet and is wearing 12-24mth socks.

5) He was the only baby born on Christmas Day in our hospital so I think he was a little spoiled by the nurses. He came home with 3 hand knitted Christmas hats.

6) He still sleeps in his bassinet.

7) He is a happy baby! Laughs at everyone and is always content.

8) He is lactose intolerant and so I can't have dairy or beef in my diet.

9) It took 16 days for his umbilical cord to come off!

10) He has to be on scripts for his horrible skin issues. (thanks to the dairy I *sometimes* eat....) He gets horrible red burn-like sores under his arms around his neck and under his legs, and behind his ears. In his belly button too! Then a fine red rash all over his body. Poor kid. 'Smooth as a baby' does NOT apply to him.

11) His hair and eyes seem to be staying brown like his dads. I always wanted a child with both so I am thrilled!

12) He's the last member of our family. *tear!*

13) His feet sweat soooo bad. Gross! They are wet and clammy feeling all the time. At least they don't stink like his brothers. (What baby is born with stinky feet?!? LOL)

14) He is an exact replica of his dad. We sometimes call him Paul Jr.

15) He won't eat solid food until he's at least 6 months. Both his brothers started at 4, so this is quite a change.

16) He had such terrible congestion when he was first born (until about 3 months) that I had him sleep in my bed so I could prop him up.

17) I charted for about 5 months before I got pregnant with him.

18) According to his natal chart, he will be quite a talkative guy. Can't wait to find out if that's true.

19) He just started chewing on teethers and toys. Before he was all about the hand.

20) He HATES HATES HATES being in a sling or carrier. Talk about one sad mama. I love my carriers and ring slings.
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