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May 1st, 2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by CountryMedic911 View Post
Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go shopping later then curl up on the couch and watch Medea movies...I was fine finally getting comfortable with pregnancy that everything was going to be ok! Getting excited buying cute stuff for Jacob and looking for his first pair of boots lol....then I got an invite in the mail for not one but two baby showers for the SAME co worker....that's what got me feeling horrible about myself and my life stupid I know! I don't know many women who would go to a baby shower for me so that's why I'm not having one for myself or anyone putting one on for me. I know it's my own fault I don't have friends that would go 90% of my friends are guys because I work in a very male dominated field. I also know I shouldn't let something so silly make me so mad and feeling down! I just can't help it I feel horrible and stupid for feeling this way!

It's perfectly normal IMO to feel this way. Please, try to love yourself instead of beating yourself up for feeling this way I'm stealing Melissa's saying here: TREAT YO SELF!!!! You deserve it and sometimes doing something just for you, spur of the moment, could really make your day a bit better. Who wants to hang out with catty chicks anyway It's really hard to find females that aren't cliquy and back stabbers who talk a lot of gossip, IMO (Well, not so much the ladies here but I've met an awful lot of them offline). You can always join the cyber shower and we'll totally check out your gift and celebrate you Once again, TREAT YO SELF!! And ice cream makes everything better
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