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May 1st, 2013, 05:28 PM
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So it looks like, after a false start around CD12, my body is gearing up to O again . Cervix was starting to open up again as of yesterday and is high, soft and open today. CM was still cloudy yesterday but with some EWCM mixed in and a bit stretchy (not semen though looked similar) and is clear and abundant and a mix of EWCM and watery and more stretchy again. Also DH is talking to me again I guess after another argument/discussion in the car where some stuff got hashed out. Granted he still wasn't saying much because he's prob still mad but wearing sexy a lingerie type outfit to bed and giving him a run over with the hands then saying goodnight and rolling over to the other side of the bed apparently worked well last night . Didn't work so well for his hands off ignore me stance at the time but was good for me! Not temping anymore but if CM dries up in a couple of days I might take it for a morning or so to see if they are my normal post O temps. With the exception of this wacky month I have a pretty good idea of when stuff happens so if DH is feeling pressured and like Im obsessed because of stuff like temping Im happy to leave it go.

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