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May 1st, 2013, 07:37 PM
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Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? Not that I don't like sex during pregnancy(well, right now I have too much heartburn to want it), but is it weird to decide that the maternity photos you want taken are ones that you may not want to share with your friends or family?

"Hey, Mom? Do you have any pictures of yourself pregnant with me?"

" please never ask me again."

I just got through browsing a photographer's gallery, and it's full of these underwear clad women and men. The men have their arms across the women's boobies. Ala Janet Jackson at times... In one of them a little naked boy without blacked out dingle berries got to share the spotlight. His parents had undies.

One naked preggo was in Japanese rope bondage.

I just normally feel so crappy during pregnancy. I don't understand anyone feeling sexy. Maybe horny. I will never look back at a sexy preggo picture of myself and think those were the days. I think about sweating, farting, peeing too much, heartburn, headaches, pain, fatigue, vomiting, vomiting some more, surgery to stop vomiting only to vomit even more. Or loads and loads of MUCUS. My husband hasn't turned down pregnancy sex, but he once told me that all the changes, mood swings, and sickness definitely wasn't too much of a turn on. The man has cleaned up my vomit on more times than I can count so I understand. lol
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