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May 2nd, 2013, 06:33 AM
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I'd need to see some examples of how sensual you're talking. I think there is a fine line for me personally. I did a nursery for a client who had a big naked family portrait done and hanging over their fireplace. I mean, great - it was lovely, but you know, for their own photo book. It was very voyeuristic - and they lived in a little subdivision cul-de-sac, not some modern loft downtown or something where it may make more sense, you know? NMS. But I think that I'd like to have some photo evidence of this pregnancy besides my own blurry mirror pictures. My DH took a picture of me the other day all sprawled out in the buff, trying to get comfortable in the bed and it was actually really lovely. I think he deleted it, which was a little disappointing. I think he just assumed I would not want a nude pic on his ipad (which really, I don't care about). I never liked the boudoir photography for weddings trend (or when people on my FB feed POSTED SOME OF THE PICTURES FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, sooo tacky) because I feel it's gimmicky to get more $ out of brides, but something about capturing the once in a lifetime beauty of a pregnancy (because they are all different!) is kind of special. But I mean, not like sexy pin up crap. More natural or dreamy maybe? on the way Andria Lindquist

Never a picture where the wife is wearing underpants and the husband is fully clothed. That's so awkward.
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