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May 2nd, 2013, 07:57 AM
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I know introductions are probably in order since I haven't been on the boards in about a year, but I am freaking out about my HPT result and my clinic's response.

My day 2 FET transfer was on 18/04 and bloodtest was negative on 30/04 and I stopped my estrogen & progesterone. Today I got a faint line on my HPT! The clinic said that there are many things that can influence the HPT and that my progesterone is still very high.

I've never heard of estrogen or progesterone affecting an HPT and since it was an FET, I didn't have an HCG trigger shot. Googled it too.

I took a 2nd HPT (different brand) and it was negative. What should I do? I'm worried that if I am pregnant my period will start because I stopped with the progesterone injections.
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