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May 2nd, 2013, 01:38 PM
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Dh and I went to the dr yesterday for my 16 week appt. This is my third pregnancy and it feels like the worst by far. I am 33, so I'm older and also weigh more at pre-pregnancy weight, 10 lbs more than dd(5yr old) and 20 lbs heavier than ds(2yr old). My first tri-mester was miserable, I'm starting to feel better, but had a lot of m/s(no vomiting), and pain or uncomfortableness usually felt much later on. I feel a lot bigger, but I'm not gaining much if only a couple lbs total, but I can't eat much. Dr didn't say anything yesterday about my measurements, but for not gaining much if any, I look big IMO. Anyways, on to my question, at my 12 wk appt, dr had a hard time finding the heartbeat, but finally found it on my lower left abdomen and it was faint. Same with this week, but after we heard it, she still moved the Doppler around and found a stronger heartbeat on the right side of my belly probably 5-6 inches away. She moved it back to the other one and it was still there and faint then she kinda smirked and I asked her if that was two babies. She said she thought it was just one and a boy, but she didn't sound or look confident. Hubby and I were laughing and crying cuz we didn't know what to think. I have an US scheduled for the 16th of may. Oh, and I'm not sure what the hr's were on either side, but I know it wasn't my hb and she didn't say what they were either. Just awkward and weird. I have two weeks to wonder tho!! Has anyone else had an experience like this and if so what was the outcome? I've had two kids already and never heard an echo of a hb. Also, there are identical twins in dh family and non-fraternal on my side. ???????help please!!

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