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May 2nd, 2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelllilee View Post
I didn't do much of anything with my first two. With my third my midwife gave me something (I want to say arnica) and an herbal tea for spraying on the girly bits. Honestly, I felt 100% normal within 48 hours. Not sure if what she gave me was the difference or what, but I hope to have such a good recovery this time as well!
Ohh! I forgot about the arnica! I took that after my second too! thanks for the reminder

Originally Posted by 4 boys View Post
I've tried everything for afterpains: AfterEase, tylenol 3's, ibuprofen, heat, showers, lying on a rolled up towel. Unfortunately I have only ever been able to make the pain barely bearable! Nothing really has taken it away. I don't know what I'm going to do this time, other than try all those things again.

I would say the second night/day after birth is the worst. That's when all the muscle aches from delivering catch up to you and the emotional high (at least for me) is kind of gone.

The best thing to do in my book is keep up on painkillers, sit on the couch, eat snacks and hold your baby.

I have also always found that once my milk comes in, I get super sweaty at night and wake up drenched (really gross, I know). Not much you can do about it, I suppose. But I am looking into getting some kind of waterproof mattress pad soon, not just for that but also in case my water breaks in bed.

And it sounds kind of rude, but I really enjoy NOT having people over during the first few days, other than maybe very close family. Everything will be much worse recovery-wise if you have to worry about people being in your house. Enjoy your peace and quiet before you let people come see your baby!
Not rude at all! I have already told people what I expect and explained that I need my space! One of the "downsides" of a home-birth is that there are no "visiting hours", and people just don't use common sense! I love my family, but I will not be up to hosting out-of-town guests for the first few weeks. Sorry!

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