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May 2nd, 2013, 03:31 PM
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Cd 25 8/9 dpo

I'm kind of sad.. Just dropped Dh off at the airport. I'm still feeling ill to my stomach. I woke up this morning feeling fine. No cramps, no nausea, no breast tenderness. I just knew that I was out and was ready to give up. I took a ic and bfn. I went back to bed after chatting with God and woke up a few hours later feeling horrible and it hasn't subsided yet. Even though how I been feeling doesn't mean pregnancy at all it gives me hope. Makes me feel like maybe I'm not out after all. I know it's still early but deep down I'm sure this is not the cycle and Dh has said he doesn't want to spend anymore money on ttcma. We are saving for a house and we agreed that once we buy our house we can focus on ttcma. It makes me think it won't happen till 2015. We plan on moving by July 2014. I guess that's y I put so much on this cycle cuz it's our last medicated cycle. I have been looking over my schedule and it seems that Dh won't be home during my fertile time frame in a while. Seems like it will be 2015. Oh well it's on God time. Ttyl

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