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May 2nd, 2013, 04:08 PM
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#1 and #2 were both born on their due dates, on their own. #1 was a 4 hour labor and #2 was a 5 hour labor... Both were super easy! For #3 I was induced a week early. I was having a lot of back pain, already took off on maternity leave and wanted to make sure I had time after the baby was born to spend with him before I went back to work. With this one, I figure I will take off work 2 weeks before I am due. I have this fear of water breaking at work and them calling an ambulance... Anywho, I will probably be induced if I make it up to my due date. I don't really care what others due, if they are induced or not. SIL was induced so the baby could be born on 12/12/12, which I thought was silly, but it never bothered me. I am not particularly crunchy when it comes to pregnancy but tend to get crunchy after they are here. LOL
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