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May 2nd, 2013, 04:57 PM
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I caved after going back and forth about it and got the gender scan (only $59!) I am having another boy!! I am a bit disappointed but mostly because I loved the girl name I had picked oat and now if we ever move we will have to get a 4 bedroom house at least. I thought maybe if this was a girl we could possibly squeeze all three boys in the same room, butnope. My daughter will be upset again since she really wants a baby sister. We have decided to let her choose the name. We will give her two names we like and let her decide. I am overjoyed that everything appears to be good with the little cutie though Was cool to see him moving around.

Oh, forgot to add that the tech said it looks like I am actually 16w2d instead of 15w2d which would actually make sense according to my LMP.

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