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May 2nd, 2013, 05:31 PM
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What country do you live in, if I may ask? I'm asking because I think understanding a little bit more about your home culture will help me form my opinion of what I recommend you should do.

In the US the job issue could be handled very simply by not saying anything about the pregnancy until you sign the contract. They can't fire you for informing them that you're pregnant and they cannot deny you access (in this case allowing you time) to prenatal care. But I don't know your country's laws or attitudes so I cannot assume that you would be protected in the same way.

As for financial planning I *can* speak personally about that. We did not plan on getting pregnant with a baby until January/February of this year. Instead we got pregnant in August of LAST year. The month I got pregnant was the same month that my husband got a new higher paying job. We had planned that we would set aside my whole salary every month and a part of his and get a bunch of debt cleared out of the way before getting pregnant again. This way I could guarantee that I could be a SAHM and not feel pinched financially speaking.

Well, that whole plan got blown out of the water. And then starting in November all the way through January either myself, my husband, or my son were in and out of ERs, doctor offices's, etc because of various illnesses. As a result by the time January/February hit we accrued even MORE debt. All of our extra money went to medical expenses and to pay bills because I wasn't able to work due to being sick or my son being sick. None of this was because of my pregnancy.

My point is, that if it's not one thing it's another. Even if I had not gotten pregnant when I did we *still* would be in this financial mess. The good thing is that because this baby is coming we're knuckling down harder than before in anticipation of affording this new LO and we're still able to pay off some of our debt with (hopefully) at least enough of it gone that I'll still be able to be a SAHM. Which is looking pretty good right now

Forget the debts/loans. You *will* eventually pay them off. It may take longer with a new baby but it's not the end of the world: At least you'll be able to pay them off. As you make your decision just think about the pregnancy as a pregnancy. Can you handle being pregnant? Can you see yourself with a new baby? Can you see your family supporting you and your new baby? Answering these questions will help you find your answer. Not the job and not the financial issues.

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