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May 2nd, 2013, 06:44 PM
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I would have maybe 10ish newborn sleepers if you know the gender.

we were on team green with DS and Ihad about 4-5 outfits/sleepers in the newborn size and it wasn't enough..I honestly did a load of his laundry everday. DS was in newborn for about 6 weeks because he was 6.5 lbs and preterm. I sent my MIL to the store to buy more clothes a couple days after we got home because i was so tired of every sleeper being dirty.

Just don't take the tags off and have your mom or someone who will be around to either a) wash them or b) return them once the baby is here and you have an idea of what size you need. THis is except of course the going home outfit!

Also, I would focus on sleepers and undershirts etc. I wouldn't buy too many of the super cute little outfits in the newborn stage because you hardly go anywhere because that would involve showering and packing the 100 things you need. Save the super cute adorable outfits for a bigger size when you actually feel human and being part of society again.

thats just my thought
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