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May 2nd, 2013, 07:16 PM
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Here we go...

Originally Posted by crunchywannabe View Post
What are some of your favorite "non reality" shows to watch?

What are the pros/cons of living so close to your parents?
Pros: a destination to walk to, they have a hot tub pool and sauna, they feed us Sunday dinner, if I needed to someone would be home for me to drop him off to
Cons: not many actually, they are really good about respecting our privacy and not showing up on our doorstep

Does DH feel the same way?
As far as I know!

Do you live close to his parents as well?
Sort of. His dad is about 20 minutes away, but his mom is about an hour - so none of them super far

Where did the name Cameron come from?
Its a name both of us liked. We didn't want to pick names after family because what if one side was honoured and the other doesn't end up? So it is his and his alone, and just one that we both liked.

What made you decide on your dog's breed, name etc?
We researched two breeds based on recommendations (Dogue de Bordeax, American Bulldog), and determined that the AmBull was a better fit for our family (more energy, smaller, easier to find locally and was more cost effective by like $1000! to name a few). Alabama (Bama) was chosen because we wanted a short girl name that would be easy for kids to say! But a formal longer name for when she is in trouble and most other dogs around here are Molly and Lucy (don't know why haha)
Round 2

Originally Posted by 2pinks&ablue View Post
Share your tv schedule with us
Monday-Friday at 7pm is two episodes of Big Bang Theory
Monday - The Voice
Tuesday - The Voice
Wednesday - Big Brother Canada and then Duck Dynasty for DH
Thursday - Big Bang Theory (new episode), Greys, and Big Brother Canada but I watch that Friday mornings
Friday - usually we watch a movie on TV or catch up on stuff we missed during the week

Who do you predict to win Big Brother?!
I think it will end up being Emmett, although I still hope Gary wins!

What are your favourite things to do with Cam?
Go for walks, lay on the ground while he climbs all over me, watch him play with Bama, go to Babytime at the library, swimming lessons, middle of the night cuddles...pretty much everything we do together. It is going to be VERY difficult to go back to work
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