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May 2nd, 2013, 07:16 PM
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wow it has been a while since I updated!

14 weeks 5 days
I still can't figure out why my ticker is a day ahead of me....
Anyway, I had my first appointment a week ago monday, and it was fun! My midwife seems so friendly and onfident, and I met one of her apprentices, who has five kids and the youngest is only 5 months old so she was there for the appointment too. It was nice to be in such a family friendly place, I didn't have to worry that my kids sitter canceled on me, and no one cared when they got kinda loud for a little bit.
The doppler was messing up and I didn't feel confident enough to ask them to try to listen for a second heartbeat, but we did get a good reading of one... so at least there is one baby in there! LOL..
When they were looking for my babies heartbeat the apprentice was trying to find my uterus and pressingn into my scar pretty badly and I hated that feeling, never had it before my c-section, pain I mean while they tried to find the baby's heartbeat... but I dealt with it fine and was getting a tiny bit concerned when she couldn't find it anywhere... the midwife took over felt my belly and said my uterus was a lot higher than she'd expect it to be at 13 weeks (where I was when I had the appointment), it was actually only about two inches below my belly button and I checked on-line to see how many weeks along a person should be with their uterus that high and it said 16 weeks... It has been a bit over a week since then and my uterus is AT my belly button... it is growing so fast... seems crazy to me! But I really can't remember if it was high with my other two babies either so it may not mean a thing.. but certainly has me curious.
Also the morning sickness is more like morning sickness now.. only happening in the morning and late late at night when I am over tired... So I've been getting a lot done this week.. Patrick says I'm probably over-doing it, he is probably right, but I have not cleaned my own house in 9 weeks, and it is driving me bonkers, so I've been on a step by step process to get this place cleaned up... the hardest part is ignoring the mess that I can't get to in order to clean the one I can.
So far the laundry is on schedule again and the kitchen is clean, so if I keep the laundry on schedule and the kitchen clean then I should be able to start working on the livingroom again... and once that is good I should be ok to maintain the home again!
Just because I like to brag about my scheduled cleaning I'm going to share!
monday- I do ds's laundry and clean up his room (with his help) dishes, floors and counter tops
tuesday-wash towels, clean one of the two bathrooms top to bottom, dishes, floors and countertops
wednesday- DH and I's laundry, clean our room including mirrors and vacuming, dishes floors and counter tops
Thursday- this is my catch up or get ahead day... so if I know the weekend is particularly full I'll do my weekend laundry or if I fell behind earlier in the week I'll catch up now.. dishes, floors and countertops
Friday- DD's laundry and tidy up her room (with her help) dishes floors and counter tops
Saturday- Wash bedsheets that need washing (I don't do this every week, just as needed) dishes floors and counter tops
Sunday- that is my day off, and I refuse to do ANYTHING cleaning wise anyway.... it can wait for monday.

Ok.. got it out of my system...
Baby is fluttering and thumping about at least once a day now and I love the feeling! stops me in whatever my thought or action is and makes me smile... it also tickles so sometimes I laugh and DH thinks I'm crazy.
Also my pictures suck at telling my pregnancy cause I'll be HUGE for like three days and then I take my picture and you can't tell I'm pregnant at all...
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