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May 2nd, 2013, 07:39 PM
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Round 5

Originally Posted by crunchywannabe View Post
Oh so cute!

How long did you co sleep for?
We co-slept for 6.5 months. I wasn't planning to co-sleep at all, and then we spent the first 3 weeks on the couch, him sleeping on my chest. Then I kicked DH into the spare room and Cam and I got our bed. We tried a couple times adding DH in but it didn't work...a queen size bed is NOT big enough for 3 people! And DH is a VERY sound sleeper and it made me super nervous that he would roll over on him. Anyways, we continued because he was up so often. I tried several times to transition him to the pack n play, which is where we planned for him to sleep for the first 6 months. It didn't work. Finally, I wondered if he was waking so often because he would move and wake me, and I in turn would move and wake him. We were able to transition him successfully within a week. Unfortunately he is up almost as often and now instead of rolling over and popping a boob in, I have to get up, go across the hall, pick him up etc. However, I tried bringing him back in with me and he now will only sleep in his crib. It saved my sanity for the first 6 months for sure.

And just to add to the DH deep sleeping...when I was in the hospital the night Cam was born, I ended up with a c-section and was frozen from the chest down, and DH was supposed to give him to me every time he woke...I ended up having to call the nurse to wake him up, and another time I moved Cam's bassinet slamming it into the cot he was sleeping in to try and wake him since I threw stuff at him and it didn't wake him up. That is not safe for co-sleeping for sure!

What were the pros and cons for your family?
+ more sleep for me
+ easier for breastfeeding
+ awesome bond in the morning watching him open his eyes in my arms
+ knew at any given time he was breathing
+ very in tune with him

- DH was a bit left out since we couldn't comfortably fit all 3 of us in there
- I am a tummy sleeper and I couldn't sleep on my tummy the whole time (I slept on my side curled around him)
- He has developed a reliance on breastfeeding to fall back asleep during the middle of the night and we are still working to remove that association - its an extremely painful process!

What were your wedding colours?
Cobalt blue and silver (and white by default)
Round 6

Originally Posted by 2pinks&ablue View Post
Cute pictures!

Any idea what/where you like to get your tattoo?
I used to want a Betty Boop pinup on my ankle, but now I'm thinking I'm going to wait until I am finished having children and do something with their birthdates.

What is your favourite piece of art?
I don't really have one...but I want something...I just have no idea what yet! And I want to put it above the mantle and fireplace.
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