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May 2nd, 2013, 09:33 PM
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Hi Melissamarie247,
My husband is with me 100% , but every time I mention abortion his face becomes so sad and he almost cries , so even though he supports me and says that he will be ok with either decision, I know he really wants to have the baby.
He was was brought up Catholic and he is against abortions , so don`t know what would that do to him and us as couple.
Reading replies from you and 2 other ladies, I am almost convinced we can deal with our financial troubles, and make it work.
It is amazing but sometimes you get the best advice and a different point of view from people that you actually don`t know and never met.

Whatever we heard from our relatives and couple of friends just didn`t do the trick and help us to make a decision,
But this forum helped !
Thank you.
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