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May 2nd, 2013, 10:55 PM
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Here September is temperamental temperature wise... last year it was over 100 until the 7th. On the 13th I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night dragging my kids out in the first cold snap.

I take a layered approach. Onesies and FOOTED sleepers. If it is hot hot a onesie, if it is regular a FOOTED sleeper, if it is cold the onsies and the footed sleeper.

Rule of thumb baby wears one more layer than you, I am laying in bed in pjs with a blanket. My new born would be wearing onsies, socks, hat, then FOOTED sleeper, then blanket style item (swaddled, blanket sleeper, sleep sack)

Keeping track of socks sucks. I recommend waiting until they wear shoes to go down that rabbit hole, I used footed sleepers, robeeze boots, and tights to avoid socks. Yes tights on boys. I avoid pretty socks like the plague. Seriously they do not stay on and one always eats the other, some times right off your babies foot.

My babies have ranged from 7 lbs 8oz to 8lbs 7oz most babies lose weight. My first did not regain her birth weight until she was six weeks old. Breastfed babies usually lose more weight that formula fed babies. Any ways I have six nice new born outfits for her, I bought one each week to take her picture. Most of the daily wear stuff, onsies and sleepers your baby can wear big but not small.

For my fifth baby, I am buying him a new new born size sleeper because he will be induced nine days before his due date I guess he will be 7lbs 10oz he has enough hand me downs which I have not sort yet to know what he needs.

If you are buying practical clothing, always go for a zipper over snaps. Seriously in the store nine snaps send reasonable but at 4am with two 15 minute cat naps those snaps are not going to match, or even a well rested husband can be stymied. Plus zippers don't gape and expose a piece of tender thigh meat.

If you cloth diaper your baby will size up faster too. They call it fluffy butt for a reason!
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