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May 3rd, 2013, 03:11 AM
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Hi there. My wife and I started the Ferber method last Saturday (this is our 6th night). We did go a bit slower so we a re actually on the day 5 protocol. So far it has been like this. Night 1 he woke at 4:45 and fell back asleep around 5:30 until 7. Second night 1:30-2:30 awake awake again at 6:15. Third awake at 3 until 4:15 and slept until 7. Fourth night awake at 3 until 3:45 awake again at 5:30 until 5:50 asleep until 7. Fifth night he slept the whole night (9:40-7). Sixth night up at 3 and still up (now 5:07). As well he has gone to bed consistently each night at 9:40. I know according to Ferber if it appears to not be working or regressing by day 7 you should consider another method.

My question is according to his nighttime layout is he getting better with sleep or should another method be considered if this continues? His naps have gotten better without question but it seems to be the nighttime sleep that is so off.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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