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May 3rd, 2013, 06:58 AM
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Cd 26 9/10 dpo
Well I had every intention on testing but was so tired when went yo use it I totally forgot. Oh well I guess I'll use smu. I might not test at all. I'm not feeling it. I know positive thoughts in but I'm just tired. I really wish I could put ttc behind me. Not think about it. I think this site got me addicted cuz of all the info I have learned I just can't turn it off. Well going back to sleep ttyl

Well I took a test with mdu when I finally woke and there were a 2nd line but with my history I'm sure it's an evap. I'm still sick to my stomach and my cramps are getting worse. Especially on the left side. My right breast is HURTING I feel like somebody was using it as a punching bag. . I compared my test from yesterday to today and there were no lines there but I hate ic's I'm going to use my frer tomorrow morning. No questioning that! But I'm sure that will be negative as well. Ugh idk ttyl

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