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May 3rd, 2013, 07:53 AM
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Trying not to get my hopes up but this morning I took a hpt since I still havent gotten my period (cd 38-39)
and i looked at it as soon as all the little liquid spread out and it looked like just one line (keep in mind the directions say read after 5 minutes..and i waited 5 seconds) so I told my DH it was a negative which I was expecting...

Well I forgot to look at it or even throw it away until just now (an hr later)
And there is a SECOND line! but it is faint and not nearly as dark as control....
Positive or negative?

AHH trying to to get my hopes up but still kind of freaking excitement...


Today is 3-4 days after I had extremely light spotting!

and of course I used my last digital 2 days ago!
Going to go get one now!

Heres pics of the 2 faint positives

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