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May 3rd, 2013, 08:43 AM
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My Sil is doing well. Recovering nicely. I hope to visit her today.

We just came back from a fab park. So nice to be just me and my two kids. So easy! They had a lot of fun running around. Plus, because I'm a crazy paranoid lady, I stopped by the pediatrician for some double confirmation that O doesn't have bed bug bites. The doctor thinks I'm nuts. Anyhow, we totally don't have bed bugs and I'm officially going to stop losing sleep over it (and stop sneaking into the kids' room with a flashlight for 4am inspections....)

It's nice of you to try and change your bug squashing ways for the sake of your kids, Kim. Or do you just wait for the kids to not be looking before you do it, like me?

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