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May 3rd, 2013, 10:09 AM
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My friend LOVES her minivan - she has a Dodge Caravan. We had a Suburban growing up with 5 kids!

Horrible horrible horrible morning. Went to walk up to my parents. We were almost half way there, and this dog on a leash lunged at Bama, who was also on a leash. When we turned on to the path, the owner pulled the leash on his dog shorter so I did the same with Bama (as that indicated to me the dog wasn't friendly). The dog had her by the neck and I and the other owner got them separated, he laughed it off and walked away. I had Cam upset in his stroller (he hates being stopped). So I started moving to calm him down, and then looked at Bama. She had a hole in her neck where the other dog's teeth got her. The other dog and owner was gone. I looked and couldn't figure out which way they went (we were at the beginning of a path...not sure if they went right or left on the street, they were gone). Took me an hour and a half to get a hold of DH...I wasn't sure if I should take her to the vet and depending on what they would need to do to her, I definitely could not hold her down. So he was able to leave work, come get her and take her to the vet. They just finished, they cleaned it out, she's on antibiotics for 10 stitches though. And she should be fine to go swimming on the May long weekend. But I wish I had inspected her first and realized she was hurt, and gotten their information. We have a lovely vet bill now. I am still upset
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