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May 3rd, 2013, 11:26 AM
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Thank you guys for your posts. She did schedule my U/S but said they are scheduling out a ways, so that is why I didn't cause a fuss, but It's just different this time. I feel like the stretching and hip hurting is far worse now than it's ever been, then to be super exhausted when I'm at work(I sit most the time anyhow) and want to pass out mid day. I want to know like yesterday, but I am trying to be patient and talking myself out of being pg with twins. Also, I've only had 3 appt's so far 8 wks, she didn't even try to hear the hb, 12 weeks, where she found the hb on my lower left side, but barely found it after searching all over, then 16 wks (2 days ago) where the faint one on my left side was found and then a strong one on my mid right side. I've been wearing maternity clothes since about 9-10 wks and look like i'm 6 months preggo, but have only gained maybe a lb or two. When I get hungry, I'm starved, but I can't eat much at all ( which is never been the case before) also, ever since being preggo this time, I've had this weird uncomfortable feeling like you feel when you are about 8-9 months and the baby feels like it's sitting in your throat...I have that all the time, it's subsiding some, but it's horrible. I even knew when I implanted b/c I was extremely sick all day that day and have never been the nauseous type or m/s type, but this time it's been bad. These are all hunches, I know, but it's just different than my first two, by far!! Lord, help me be patient!!

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