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May 3rd, 2013, 11:50 AM
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Oh no that is SOOO upsetting! I am an animal lover, don't get me wrong.. Thank god it was the dog and not Cam! It really really really bothers me when an animal attacks another animal, and the owners do nothing about it, or seem to make excuses or just like in this case walk away!
Dh's aunt had a dog (a bully breed) that attacked my MIL's dog (a lab) and she had some pretty serious wounds (that did eventually heal)... well Dh's Aunt kept saying that it was the lab's fault, and if the kids had of been playing near by the dog would have never attacked (when someone mentioned that dh's cousins, who were only about 4 and 6 at the time were lucky to have not gotten in the way) because she has control like that yada yada yada... There were so many red flags, and sure enough less than a year later the dog attacked the 4 year old girl and had to be put down... It was obviously devastating to everyone, but I just don't understand ignoring that kind of behaviour in the first place! It's horrible that you are stuck with the vet bill now too! Could you make a police report with the man and dog's description, just so they have record incase anything like this happens again?

It is so beautiful out today! only +4, but sunny! DH is building me a new garden bed, and I tilled all the soil in the old one! I am looking forward to getting some progress made on that front before baby arrives!

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