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May 3rd, 2013, 12:16 PM
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i'll ditto jensma in less is more until baby's here and you have better sense of what you like (and dislike) clothing wise. We bought almost nothing newborn size because from about 36 wks on Dr was so worried about how big I (and she via u/s) was measuring, so I totally expected a huge baby...turns out she wasn't huge (7lbs14oz) but not small either, and yet they curl up so tiny even the newborn outfits looked gigantic on her at first.

I loved zippy or snappy one piece sleepers for day (she was born in late Nov, so it was cold) and sleep sacks for night...but you may find you like something else entirely. Try one of a few different types of styles and then after a week or two go buy a bunch more of what you liked the best.

In Savannah's case, she grew unbelievably by 3 months was in 6-9 month clothes and so on (continues to this day, she's currently a size 5 LOL), so also be prepared for the opposite where suddenly you're having to replace clothes very quickly if baby is on the high end of the growth chart (aka don't spend a lot on expensive clothes)

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