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May 3rd, 2013, 12:50 PM
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Went in today. Waited a long time, in waiting room and exam room. Finally doc came in (had him for all pregnancies and really like him). Went in about ow I was experienced, so maybe that's why he was so....blunt? Asked me a million questions, went through all the advanced maternal age stuff (ugh), no u/s, no Doppler (too early he said). Did a pap and exam and said uterus felt like 8 weeks roughly so it felt right. He actually said "don't tell the world yet". If I'm "still pg" at next appt, THEN I can tell the world.

?!?! I mean, I understand that m/c is still a risk. But come on!! I barely talked because I was afraid I'd cry. I had planned to tell my family and friends this weekend. But I felt like I'd have to say "I'm pregnant, but....". I know that the reason he didn't give me a u/s was because I have no issues--leading, cramping etc., and I know when I conceived, but still.

So....I found a place near me that does u/s and for $39 they will do a quick 2d. So in going tonight! I want to be ale to tell my parents tomorrow and I'll feel better if I see the heartbeat.
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