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May 3rd, 2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by foxfire_ga79 View Post
And another thing. Horseback riding is all about balance. The horse balances the rider, the rider balances the horse. How else could you explain riding bareback? But even with a saddle, the saddle doesn't hold you on. Balance balance balance.
Having a baby strapped to you in a sling or carrier changes your center of balance. If the baby is on your back, that means the baby is sticking out behind the seat of the saddle, which the saddle is not balanced for. Now you AND the saddle are out of balance. With those two things out of balance, the horse will be out of balance. An unbalanced horse is an uncomfortable horse, and an uncomfortable horse is less likely to be on his best behavior. And even if the horse would behave perfectly because it's such a wonderful horse, why would you deliberately make your horse uncomfortable? That's not fair at all.
Do you ride horses? If so have you ever been on a trail ride where you needed to bring a few extra things and maybe wore a backpack or attached saddle pads? How is that any different then having a baby strapped onto you! You make it sound like riding a horse is similar to walking a tight rope! The majority of riders have no idea how to keep their bodies perfectly balanced on a horse, I have been riding since I was 3 years old and consider myself an experienced rider and there are still some days that my balance is off and need to adjust in the saddle, it happens! Horses are sensitive but not to the point that a baby being strapped to you will effect their behavior.
I am currently pregnant and would never ride while pregnant because of the pressure it puts on your cervix. I do however plan to ride with my baby once he or she is old enough to support their own head.
My main concern with riding with a baby would be that the sound of a baby crying could spook the horse, my mare is as bomb proof as they come and I plan to do extensive training with her around the baby before ever attempting to ride with it.
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