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May 3rd, 2013, 03:06 PM
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I just got a tether anchor installed in my car, a 1999 Ford Explorer 2 door. What was weird was they only installed one on the far right side of my trunk space, see photos:

Close up of the anchor:

A wider shot to show exactly where it is in my trunk. The anchor is underneath the little tab of fabric sticking up:

My questions are: Do I need to take my car back in to install another one a little further to the left or is only one anchor safe? The tethers on Lily's car seat are way to short to stretch all the way back there so where can I find extra tether straps to add more length?


Edited for an update:

I think, after an hour of googling and reading about it, I found the solution. I read about something called a locking clip for the seat belt. Using that instead of the locking mechanism of our seat belt (that kind where you pull it all the way out and it makes that ratchet sound going back in, preventing slack from being pulled back out), took away the tilt and made it so much more stable. I also ended up rolling up a couple of towels and putting them under the seat so her car seat sits level. Those two things together made a world of difference. Took me 2 hours of messing with it to get it better but I'm still not 100% satisfied, but I am confident enough with the snugness of it to say its safer than forward facing her at this point. I still feel the need to get a new car though.
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