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May 3rd, 2013, 04:05 PM
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DH is out driving around hoping to find the guy. The dog was pretty distinctive, very muscular rotti, its tail was incorrectly cropped - it was about 5 inches long? It was weird. As much as I hope DH finds him, I doubt he will - I'm out all the time and I've never seen this dog before. At the very least, we want the vet bill covered. Poor girl did amazing at the vet - they were pouring saline solution in to wash it and she barely flinched, they were amazed. She's obviously in a bit of pain now though.

Yup, VERY glad it wasn't Cam or me. I have no idea what sparked it, we were pretty much past them. It sucks because I was like ''should I go up the street or up the path?' and decided on the path...this could have been completely avoided if I took the other way. But what's done is done. We just hope she isn't freaked out by other dogs passing her now.

I can't believe its only +4 there Kalynn!!! Hope it gets warmer soon!

BBQ chicken...mmmm. Good luck with the showings!!!!

I bought Cam a life jacket today It has Mater from Cars on it!!! We should be boating on the May long weekend so I wanted to make sure I got one
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