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May 3rd, 2013, 04:50 PM
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Chinese calendar: Boy (was right with the others)

Fact that we were in the hot tub prior (supposedly kills off male sperm first) = girl

My typical diet (I like to eat what's generally considered good for swaying for a girl, just what I like!) = girl

Skin's clear: boy

DH says boy (just cuz he wants it to be. He SWORE DD2 was a boy )

Me? I SWORE DD1 was a girl, was fairly confident DS was a boy, SWORE DD2 was a boy (surprise!) and have no idea for this one! I'm going to guess boy, a 51% certainty

Ramzi: Doc doesn't believe in it for a sec, and she said it was tough to guess, but in throwing a guess out there, she said on the right side, so boy.


MaterniT21 +... said Girl
NT scan/nub theory... Looked pretty freaking girly!
Gwynne, celebrating the newest of our four precious miracles

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