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May 3rd, 2013, 05:09 PM
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okay a lil back story: my husband has his dad's first name but not middle so i kinda wanted to keep going with that. so as far I know at lease 4 years I had the name Terrell Nathan for a boy (which he claimed was fine and he would go with it), anyway when asked if he wanted our son named after him would always say idc or idk.

so now that we are actually having a boy he says of course he will be named after me. he wants him to have a different middle name but now he doesn't care for the name Nathan (that sound you hear is me pulling out my hair). I asked him what does he like and he says he don't know n im like okay maybe if I like it we will change. I ask him again a couple days later has he come up with anything yet and he says I haven't thought that hard about it. (that's sound you hear now is me pullin out his hair). My husband is the type who will procrastinate to the VERY LAST MIN. so I know he not really coming up with anything or even thinking about it. I'm kinda upset because Nathan was something I pick because my grandfather (Nathaniel) but I'm trying to level with him but I know this will not come out good.

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