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May 3rd, 2013, 06:50 PM
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Does your family eat breakfast? If so, what's the usual?
the kids always eat breakfast, usually cereal and yogurt. We sometimes have eggs. I honestly dont know if my DH eats breakfast most days because he works from home and is off in his office before we get downstairs. I usually dont see him until lunchtime so I assume he eats something for breakfast. I sometimes eat breakfast but usually I dont. Im always running everywhere feeding the kids, taking care of the baby, etc.

Do you think your family eats healthier than those who are rushing off to school/work each morning?
I think we eat more healthy than most in general but not really because of staying at home.

Do you usually cook from scratch (meats, veggies, etc.), cook from pre-packaged foods (hamburger helper, frozen pizza), or order out?
Usually we cook from scratch, we eat prepackaged at times but its not the norm. Usually we eat out once a week. The majority of our meals are vegetarian also.
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