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May 3rd, 2013, 08:47 PM
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yeah I learned early on when to minimize interaction but dh seems to still struggle with it. it does feel rather unnatural after all.
I've not again resorted to restraining dd. it just didn't feel good at all.
while I can't say we've come to a real solution yet, I did come to an important realization tonight. while I was waiting for dd to fall asleep I started thinking about the family vacation we have planned in july. we'll be staying in a rental home for one week. they'll be a regular king-sized bed in our room. I have no idea where or how dd will sleep there. in bed with us seems to be out of the question because it's off the floor. a while ago i bought a portable toddler bed because I thought it would be good for traveling or naps while visiting family. recently I tried getting her to nap in it at my mother-in-law's house. she only took a 40-minute nap after an hour of crying and trying to escape the bed.
so I still don't know where she'll sleep but I hope i won't be going through that twice a day all week.
well what I realized is that although I love the family bed I'm beginning to regret having never attempted to have dd sleep in a crib (or any other solo-sleeping device) at least part-time. the reason being is that the ability to sleep in a crib offers much more flexibility. I think it's time that ”crib” is no longer a four-letter word in the AP world. sometimes confined sleeping quarters just make sense for reasons of safety and/or convenience. this is especially true when traveling; a mobile baby or toddler sleeping unconfined in a room not set up for co-sleeping is dangerous.
since dd now falls asleep on her own and no longer nurses at night perhaps a crib in our bedroom would have suited our entire family better or at least opened up more options when things got tougher.

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