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May 3rd, 2013, 09:45 PM
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LOL Olivia turned 8 months today. In the past week, she suddenly hit all her milestones and now I feel like I have a super baby! She wasn't sitting yet, or crawling. ..or pulling up. But she hit sitting which was the last one today. I'm so excited this is so much fun! I am a FTM, and as much as I am excited I am also anxious about injuries as she is getting to be super mobile. She toppled over from sitting position and bumped her head pretty hard on the wood floor. She also pulled up in her crib and hit her face toppling forward on the slats. ...aaand she has face planted on the wood floor crawling forward too fast. OUCH! Looks like she has inherited mommy's gracefulness LOL I already positioned the mattress to the lowest setting in her crib so she can't climb over.

All you moms out there who have had other children, do I need to be worried?

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