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May 3rd, 2013, 11:13 PM
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Cd 27 10 dpo
Breast still hurt but my sour stomach has subsided. I even ate a late dinner but passed on the chocolate cake. I had the urge to pee so I decided to test with an ic and got a very faint barely line. Decided to dip a frer (now wishing I hadn't) and there were another barely there faint line. I'm wondering if I'm really seeing it. My urine was very clear and I couldn't hold it long. I shouldn't have tested cuz now I can't stop looking at the frer. I even took it out d pack. Ugh I need to go to sleep. Ttyl

Well woke up with no breast pain and took Assn ic and it was neg than decided to take a frer and that same line was there. A barely there PINK line. I've been staring at it all morning wondering if I'm seeing things. At times I think I am and at times I think I'm not. Ugh y my body has to be so frustrating. Y can't I get nice obvious lines like some of these ladies on here. They might be evaps. With my luck I bought a bad batch of frer. I've tried once again to take pics with my crummy phone but nope not happening. I guess time will only tell. I have one frer I'm going to save for tomorrow and prob pick up some answers tomorrow as well but until then I'm going to use my ic.s n pray I get some answers from them. I'm going back to bed. Ttyl

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