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May 4th, 2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by epsilonbeta View Post
I think the bowl part that freaked me out the most. That sounds sounds so unsanitary to be carrying a bowel that's touched poop around. There's no way you could bleach it instantly between uses if you are out and about the way the article described.
yeah, I don't hold baby poop to the same level of disgusting that I do adult poop. For a while baby pee doesn't even have a smell (or at least no diaper I've ever changed did). I pee in a little cup, rinse it with what ever temp water I washed my hands and it stays on the counter to dry, when I'm testing. It's not like they're grabbing a cereal bowl..

And you aren't going to take the time to bleach a potty chair between uses either. You're going to go "yay, good job baby!" *dump, rinse, put back in chair*.

Lauren I was chatting with Christen about it last night... and while I don't think it's something I'll set out to do.. I'll happily hold baby over the potty after a feeding.. especially since like you said, you don't ruin a cloth diaper by taking it off. and that's one less to wash. Just don't tell my husband, he thinks I'm crazy enough as it is most days . Have they started manufacturing a potty chair toilet adapter for itty bitties to help with mommy arm strain yet?
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