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May 4th, 2013, 04:47 AM
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It sounds like the bleed you experienced after stopping the patch was a breakthrough bleed and not a true period, like the one women get when on the pill and take the sugar pills for a week. Your first real period will be the next time you bleed. The depo shot messes with things pretty dramatically and it could potentially be a fair while until your cycle returns. Technically speaking, you aren't "late" until about 15 days or so after you ovulated, when you would be past your typical luteal phase. If the tests are negative it is most likely that you are not currently pregnant, though you should retest about 2 weeks after the time you had sex and your bf ejaculated inside you to be sure. If you are not looking to get pregnant then it might be a good idea to use some other birth control as well. Hope you get some answers soon and it's the outcome that you are hoping for!

Sorry if I sound rude or anything, was just trying to be factual and give you the best answer I could come up with

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