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May 4th, 2013, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by LABs View Post
One of the first things for me that was off was a very full heavy feeling. It felt like right before birth when the baby drops and the head is right there. I kept trying to hold up a baby when I stood up, but I didn't have a baby belly. I did gain like 6" in my lower abs by 5 weeks. I was almost instantly out of my loose jeans! I'm sure part of that was it being a fifth pg! I always show early in the first trimester and small in the third.
OMG...that is exactly how I have felt since early early on!!! You just described it to a T!!!! That's what I've noticed right off, too, that's been so different from my other two pregnancies. hips/round ligament pain. I had absolutely not one bit of that with my second, with my first of course cuz your body needs to make room, but with this one...holy cow!!! If I sit most of the day at work, my hips don't hurt when I sleep, but I'm really hurting from sitting a lot. if I'm walking around a lot during the day, then my hips hurt when I sleep, but I'm not miserable during the day!! It's ridonkulous, I know, but this pregancy is a far cry difference from the first two for sure!! lol I'll make it, but the 17th sure is a long ways off to find out!!

Oh and did I mention, I had a positive test show up 4 days before AF was supposed to arrive, but it wasn't super strong tho.

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