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May 4th, 2013, 12:26 PM
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What is the procedure? LOL.
Regular ol' mailing! haha

Do we put our name/return address on it or is it supposed to stay a surprise who it is from until it is opened?
Yep, put your return address! You don't have to put a name on it- I do a lot of "secret swapping" in a group I'm in and rather than put our name and address we do "Secret Pal" or something and then our address. Never had a problem shipping it! So it's up to you- if you want to add your name that's okay, your partner can just keep it a secret until she posts her gift. I plan to put secret partner or something. Chances are they can guess when they see the city/state anyway!

Are we not allowed to open the box/package at ALL until the day we are all opening? I ask because I am considering not actually wrapping the gift itself but just having it in a cute box/mailer.....?
Nope, don't open until the open date!!

When are we supposed to ship by? Can I ship it early?
Ship by May 20- you can ship it earlier but your partner will have to hang on to it for the open date!

Remember to PM me or email me and let me know when you've mailed so I can mark it off

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